Saigon tourist information - what to do in Ho Chi Minh City

Saigon, or Ho Chi Minh City to give it its official name, has plenty to keep visitors busy for a few days. Apart from ancient temples, churches and mosques, the city has several museums that reveal the city’s turbulent past. There are also a few green spaces to stroll for relaxation and fitness clubs all over town for those who like to work out.

Yet Saigon is not only about sightseeing. It’s also the ideal place to discover the delights of Vietnamese cuisine, with an amazing concentration of eateries in the city centre, ranging from simple stalls in the street to lavish restaurants with starched tablecloths and gourmet fare. After dinner, there are plenty of bars in which to exchange travellers’ tales or watch a live band.


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What to do in Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City activities

One experience not to be missed in Saigon is shopping. Vietnamese fabrics and handicrafts make excellent gifts and there are plenty of chic outlets where you can go to find that special something.

Prices are very low compared to the West and bargaining for an even cheaper price is expected everywhere except in department stores and malls. Markets are great fun to wander around and soak up that authentic Vietnamese ambience.

And the city also has a burgeoning nightlife scene, only slightly tempered by the government’s insistence of a 02:00 curfew. This is strictly enforced across the city, although many young revellers organise parties which carry on a bit later until the authorities close them down. But there is always something going on in the streets of the tourist district.

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