Saigon videos of Ho Chi Minh City

Check out some of the very best videos of Saigon here which demonstrate the contrasting cultures of this diverse and vibrant nation. Our Ho Chi Minh City movie clips attempt to capture the essence of the popular Southeast Asian country before you travel. Browse our selection of Saigon videos which cover diverse topics such as water puppets, Buddhism, culture, nature, food and more. And if you have your own Ho Chi Minh City videos you would like to see included here then please submit the YouTube url to

Recommended Saigon videos of Ho Chi Minh City

Tet festival parade on Nguyen Hue Street

Water puppets in Saigon

Crazy traffic in Saigon

Delicious Vietnamese food in simple canteen

Mid-Autumn Mooncake Festival

1968 Tet offensive of American War

Travellers footage notes!
These Ho Chi Minh City video clips have been taken by travellers who have experienced Saigon and shared them on YouTube. Most are under five minutes and have been selected for their relevance and relative quality. We looked through hours and hours of Saigon videos that had been uploaded to YouTube, looking for the most suitable impressions.

All of these Saigon video clips here are made publicly available and reproduced here according their terms and conditions. An effort has been made to select appropriate Ho Chi Minh City videos that accurately portray the country and its people but we accept no responsibility for their content.

Contact: if you have any queries regarding these Saigon video clips.

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