Saigon map - tourist maps of Ho Chi Minh City

Getting around without a Saigon map can be tricky, but we've produced this tourist-friendly map of Saigon to help you better understand the geography of this monumental metropolis.

Click on the areas below for a zoomable map of Saigon:

The city of Saigon is a bastion of history, culture and entertainment. There are great restaurants and bars to explore and plenty of hedonistic treats in the many eateries dotted around the different neighbourhoods. Why not visit a water puppet theatre or catch the latest Hollywood blockbuster with our tourist map of Saigon?

Seeing all the varied attractions of the city during your time here normally involves organising a guided tour or battling with taxies. Both can be an expensive hassle, but getting around on foot is a trying experience without a decent tourist map of Saigon.

Here we have listed as many interesting places on our tourist map of Saigon. There are countless hotels, restaurants and other top sights as well, such as the best markets and exciting things for the whole family. With our Saigon map you will never be bored in the city.

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