Vietnamese culture in Saigon

If all you know about Vietnamese culture is that they wear conical hats and were involved in one of the bloodiest wars of the 20th century, then you have lots to discover about this fascinating nation during your stay in Saigon. The country’s delicious cuisine, its unusual customs and flamboyant festivals seduce many visitors into falling in love with Vietnam, so much that many come back on return visits and just about everyone wants to take home a typically authentic memento.

The key to understanding the Vietnamese is an understanding of the complex history of the country, which is detailed in the city’s various museums. For a general overview from pre-historic times to the present, the History Museum is the best place, while a focus on the American War can be found at the War Remnants Museum. It’s impossible to miss the reminders of the era of French domination, in the form of buildings like Notre Dame Cathedral and the imposing Municipal Theatre.

Art, music and dance

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Speak Vietnamese

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Brief guide to Vietnamese culture

To learn more about the country’s artistic heritage, the Fine Arts Museum is the place to go, while the number of small galleries scattered around the city centre are testimony to the Vietnamese love of art.

The Vietnamese flair for design is evident in the national dress called the ao dai, a practical and modest suit of tunic and pants that is also very flattering to the Vietnamese female figure. If you are interested in buying a painting or an ao dai, you won’t find a better range of choice anywhere in the country than in Ho Chi Minh City.

To really witness Vietnamese culture at its most colourful, try to time your visit to coincide with one of the many festivals that take place throughout the year. This is when locals dress up in their best and let their hair down as parades take to the streets and everyone is swept up in a party mood.

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